Skull fire breast cancer awareness shirt


One night I lay there calculating the digits of pi til I reached about the 100th n go a little scared so I stopped. I started to suspect that. Because I have lots of friends that use and they’re really intelligent people. One of them’s a pianist and she’s a phenomenal player. Skull fire breast cancer awareness shirt

Skull fire breast cancer awareness shirt

Jeremy Moor It’s called being brilliant as a child and having everyone around you say that you’re cheating/dumb/stupid so many times that you try to hide it and you forget how brilliant you actually are. It’s absolutely frightening being way above your peers/teachers/parents because all of them, including yourself, don’t understand why you’re different. They picked on me every single day even when I told them to stop. I retreated from human contact because of it and then neurotypicals labeled me as autistic. Every nasty thing, every jeering remark stuck in my head and when I became a teenager I started to hear their voices repeated to me over and over but this time inside my own head! “YOU’RE WORTHLESS! YOU’RE DUMB! YOU SHOULD KILL YOURSELF!” Neurotypicals brake a person’s mind so badly that they give them schizophrenia. I just wanted to walk in front of a bus every single day of my life. I knew that would mean letting all of them win.

Skull fire breast cancer awareness shirt
Skull fire breast cancer awareness shirt
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