Joker Jack Skellington 3d hoodie


Well some of you are a barrel of laughs. If you don’t like him or didn’t like him don’t watch it simple as that. Teresa Knowles yes but you could turn it of or change channel when he is on. There’s no need to make a song and dance of it online. Joker Jack Skellington 3d hoodie

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Joker Jack Skellington 3d hoodie

Looks like burlap to me. Burlap is the WORST. Cut it all the time for terrible customer’s DIY projects when I worked fabrics. It sheds, it smells, it’s itchy, and leaves skin feelings all around gross. There are other fabric to use. Use another woven fabric.  baby Al would be an adorable Oogie Boogie babe lol we should’ve gone with the Nightmare Before Christmas family costume theme. costume idea for Morgan with your sewing abilities lol. you should do this one day when she’s old enough. me, personally plotting Draven’s future Halloween costumes. We can be Lock, Shock, and/Barrel even. I’M DOWN.  when the monster was you and not under your bed or in your closet all along. and you thought Reid hated the mickey outfit, can you imagine. Maybe this should be Elena’s outfit next year?? She already wears “potato sacks”. just saying this is perfect for Annalise’s Halloween costume.

Joker Jack Skellington 3d unisex shirt
Joker Jack Skellington 3d unisex shirt
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