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A cap is a short cap worn by both men and women. Clean Up On Aisle 46 Hat . Often the name of the cap is also the name of the wearer’s name. In other cases, the name of the person who wears the cap may be mentioned on the cap. The cap is usually a very colorful device with some type of printed design. It all started with the use of the cap to denote class and status in England during the Middle Ages. In fact, it was referred to as “the cap which the devil wore.” No, seriously, the cap was a big deal in England during the middle ages. During this time period, the cap was often used to hide sins, like crimes, from the eyes of God and everyone else. It is thought that during this time period, the cap was created because of the fear of people. In other words, wearing a cap meant you were supposed to be hidden and that you were a lower class. Now, let us look at what the cap really stands for today. The cap is now commonly used to refer to a curly wig that has been dyed to resemble a hat. Yes, the cap, used during this time period, meant something completely different than it does today. Clean Up On Aisle 46 Hat . The cap is still slang for the “no-lie” cap, which is also known as “the cap’ or “wearing the cap,” although the use of the cap in this instance has nothing to do with covering anything, but rather, a hairstyle.


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