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At the point when the title position changed in 1962, Ferrari earned titles in any event one class every year through to 1965 and afterward again in 1967. Ferrari would win one last title, the 1972 World Championship of Makes before Enzo chose to leave sports vehicle dashing after 1973 and permit Scuderia Ferrari to focus exclusively on Formula One.

During Ferrari’s periods of the World Sportscars Championship, they likewise increased more successes at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, with the processing plant group acquiring their first in 1954. Another success would come in 1958, trailed by five back to back successes from 1960 to 1964. Luigi Chinetti’s North American Racing Team (NART) would take Ferrari’s last triumph at Le Mans in 1965.

Snoopy You are my sunshise shirtNice Snoopy You are my sunshise shirt

In spite of the fact that Scuderia Ferrari never again took an interest in sports vehicles after 1973, they have once in a while manufactured different effective games autos for privateers. These incorporate the BB 512 LM during the 1970s, the 333 SP which won the IMSA GT Championship during the 1990s, and presently the 458 GT2 and GT3 which are as of now winning titles in their separate classes.

Alberto Ascari gave Ferrari its first Drivers Championship a year later. Ferrari is the most seasoned group in the title, and the best: the group holds almost every Formula One record. Starting at 2014, the group’s records incorporate 15 World Drivers Championship titles, 16 World Constructors Championship titles, 221 Grand Prix triumphs, 6736.27 focuses, 679 platform completes, 207 post positions, and 230 quickest laps in 890 Grands Prix challenged. Of the 19 tracks utilized in 2014, 8 have lap records set by the F2004, with a further 3 set by the F2003-GA, F2008 and F10.

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