Comedian Jeff Dunham Face Mask

Comedian Jeff Dunham Face Mask


Comedian Jeff Dunham Face Mask

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Travis Alford I have done my research and you should do yours. These are alleged cases and and funny how they came up after all this time its BS. No , I don’t have divert the conversation away, I just know that your one of those Libs that are self proclaimed intellectual, from the things that your discussing your very fixated on predators which concerns me a little your look and your fixation makes me very uncomfortable.
We were talking about about politics strictly, not old topics that were unsubstantiated and you have become very creepy dont talk to me again. I can say anything, doesn’t make it true. Do you think people with money aren’t sued & lied on? Don’t be naive. It happens. In America we are innocent until proven guilty. The case was threw out because there was no evidence. So let’s get justice by getting money? how is your keeping us safe? Laughing is not an answer. Name calling is not an answer. Defensiveness is not an answer. Deflecting and citing “fake news” is not answer. The travel ban might have helped but you shut out the CDC and specialists. Donning a mask here is nothing more than marketing. that just shows how little you know about anything outside your little world. And it’s you’re not your. If you’re going to try and insult me you’ll need more than my countries a joke. When the USA is the laughing stock of the planet. where do you get your info? CNN? You are thinking of the Clintons and other officials they are trying to protect by making it look like Trump. Believe the lies if you want but don’t complain when you wake up in a communistic country cause that’s their plan. I can’t convince you, only God can do that! If you even believe in God.