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We are discussing the President of the United States; you have to be an idiot to think he is not carefully protected. Is that the best you have anyways? Our country is in turmoil! If this wasn’t an election year our citizens would be united, but, the Democrats will destroy their own communities for a vote in Nov. and then, if elected, they will do nothing to lift up our citizens. I know this! I left the Democratic Party years ago! They are very manipulative; you should research for yourself. James K’Otula who cares what Hillary crook Clinton feels! The President has tried to not scare America. After seeing this awful virus again go rapid he joined the possibilty of masks helping. He loves our country. He doesn’t let the media control him. He makes up his own mind and choices.God bless you Mr President and thank you for all you do for us Trump 20/20. you must be one of the Terrorist trying to destroy America. America is and will be the greatest nation. We have God on our side and WE black and white and other American Citizens will fight our problems. I’m not a terrorist, I’m an average American that wants to not be ashamed of my country! The president is an embarrassment at the least and trying to start a civil war in this country, and idiots like you, with their nationalism are what’s wrong in America! I’m a true patriot. You are not if you still support tRump. He’s unconstitutional. You don’t deploy military forces against your own people, for peaceful protests! That’s a dictator! I’m anti fascist, and you should be too if you’re a good American! Maurice Soza the Democrats stayed quiet and behaved themselves under Obama! Now they run riot! Democrats in Democrat Cities running rampant, burning, shooting, murdering and it’s not Trumps fault you fool. It’s the Mayors and Governors who give them free rein. Kids, young thugs and Antifa, they all need to stop. I don’t see the Republicans behaving like this. Floyd was a Criminal and didn’t deserve to be killed as he was but he didn’t deserve to be a Martyr. Tell that to the baby and little girl shot by these thugs. Peoples businesses being burnt, WTH. Don’t you dare try blaming Trump! He never instigated this. Don’t bother replying either because I’m one of the silent majority, and we have had enough.

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