UFO Get In Loser shirt, hoodie, tank top

UFO Get In Loser shirt, hoodie, tank top


UFO Get In Loser shirt, hoodie, tank top

Buy it now UFO Get In Loser shirt, hoodie, tank top

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I was filled with anguish when I watched men on Ugandan uniform unprofessionaly shooting bullets and tear gas canisters at innocent and unarmed civilians who simply wanted to catch a glimpse of their favorite Presidential aspirant. May his Soul RIP. Feel so sad that museveni and his henchmen that seem to be imported into the country are killing Ugandans like flies. They will pay for it and his own who have failed to caution their father museveni about rampant killings of Ugandans simply because of greed for power. May his soul rest in peace but all these are our testimonies and true signs of change whatever it is they cannot finish us all and our mission is to be fulfilled by bullet or ballot enough is enough. Even this old man is still in müch pain with the gun bullet in his thigh only quick Recovery for this Innocent soul,,. Rest in peace Charles may the Almighty straighten ur pregnant wife, the family and all comrades . An idea whose tyme has come can’t b stopped and avoided by army or security apparatus.
It’s absurd and ashameful ,those boys in uniform whom we pay thru our taxes we pay make our lives miserable,cursed are those who v caused injustices to the innocent Ugandans and yo daiz a numbered today u a da HUNTERS bt soon u will b HUNTED . no corner stone will b left unturned read the scriptures .U are not the first evil people in Uganda bt u a da last coz all yo evil doings u gonna perish with dem. Fallen soldier Charles Mutyabule,rest in Peace . Fellow Ugandans the signals clearly clarifies dat da Junta’s are ready to massacre us as they didn’t it in 1980’s in Luweero. No retreat no surrender. Kyanaku nnyo but we have to be more brave bcz these people are Coward imagine they have all dangerous weapons but still scared of us, people power our power,may his soul rest in eternal peace.