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I just realized that my favorite anime character has the same name as a liquor. Can u mail me one of those empty skull liquor containers They don’t have them around here like the look of them so cool. The guy just mad a 90% alcohol drink and tells people drink responsibly !
Wondering how responsible can that make you ?

  1. I love those chalk drawings. My granddaughter used to fill my sidewalks with tham. She’s 18 now and doesn’t do them anymore.
  2. he woman with the water hose has some definite anger management issues!! It would be prudent and beneficial for the neighbors that are concerned about this woman’s behavior, to unify and report her to law enforcement. Her anger and hatefulness towards that child would greatly concern me if I were that child’s parent(s)…!!
  3. Oh I know what I’d do..wait until the woman has gone in and the path dries…then I’d take my child out there to draw again and I’d keep doing this until the woman got bored…I love people like this because I love to be challenged and it stops me getting bored pmsl

She must to have been abused as a child. She is so miserable that she wants everyone else to be as well. Now the best way to fix her is. Let the little girl put her art work in chalk down again. Then go over it with some clear polyurethane . Oh I would love to see this miserable woman wash it off then

Kids in my neighborhood do art work on the sidewalk n we even walk around it to not destroy it, my kids do it too n the neighbors like it. I would have sprayed her face.

Sidewalk Susan needs to SHUT stop! The child is just having some fun and the chalk won’t hurt the side walk! Wen it rains it will go away! What’s the big deal?

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