Peace Love Sweet Dreams shirt, hoodie, tank top


Peace Love Sweet Dreams shirt, hoodie, tank top

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I feel sorry for her, whether she gets to contest for Miss South African or not. This is a classic case of young children being on social media. This reaffirmed my decision to keep my children away from social media for as long as possible. To make them sensitive to others and make them open to diversity. But she was young,I wouldn’t blame it on her exactly….most of us did stupid things when we were young that we regret and learned from…
Just my opinion… Whether she was young or old is not the actual issue at hand. The issue is how racist behavior is allowed in schools, how these kids seeked help and were dismissed, how she was allowed to make these comments without being reprimanded. This issue is much bigger than just her, the whole issue isn’t in the past as it is still happening in the present.

There are things we say when we are young and unfortunately current social media has a record of it but how many leaders of business and political institutions have done the same thing and are still in power, look at yourself before you judge. We As Black People We Finds It Hard And Painful To See Any Kinds Of Person Who Wanna Lead The Theme Of “Unity In Diversity “But Not Believing On What She Wanna Represent…Fellow Citizens Let Us Remember That All National Groups Has Equal Rights..So Why Keep On Tweeting About Thing That Will Destroy Us In Future..Lets Think Before We Act#Don’tTakePersonal


























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