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Panda 3D All Over Print Hoodie

Helle said he spoke to someone from People Magazine Wednesday. It is anticipated the story will appear on their website, www.People.Com.

While they received five boxes of Fruity Pebbles with Trash Panda’s likeness, unfortunately, Helle said other boxes won’t be available for purchase.

“The five boxes we received was a wonderful gift from the company to our agency as a way to say thank you to our agency, and more important, we thank the residents of the communities we serve along with all of the first responders and health department within Fulton County. We feel they recognized what a phenomenal county this is and wanted to send a little thank you note and surprise to our agency.”

Unusual town names in Illinois

We’ve got nothing but love for odd town names, because we are the home of Normal, after all. Some of these names are silly, others are simple, and all of them have pun potential.

Goofy Ridge

Let’s start with the town that actually has humor in its name. According to Wikipedia, the area was originally called “The Ridge,” a camp near the river bank. After some serious drinking one night, a local game warden said he wasn’t too drunk to shoot a walnut off the head of a volunteer. Naturally, someone was drunk enough to volunteer. The game warden placed the tiny target on the volunteer’s head, aimed his .22 rifle, and shot the nut right off. This caper was called by a witness “one damned goofy thing to do,” and the camp was ever after




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