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Nerdy Doormat

Gen Z TikTokers could easily run laps around me in terms of style, but they want me to look cool, too. Or at least they want to let their followers in on their fashion and beauty advice.

Instead of letting millennials make fools of themselves with side parts and skinny jeans, they’re trying to save us, even if they do make fun of us in the process. It’s what we deserve for making fun of them for the whole Tide pod thing. Nerdy Doormat

What other advice might a TikToker have for a woefully uninspired person in her mid- to late-twenties, I wondered? That’s when I stumbled upon Siena Filippi, a 22-year-old TikToker and fashion expert from Massachusetts, who offers her styling services on Etsy.

“Let me style you!” her listing says. For a mere $10, she promised to make a “TikTok-style video” of what she thinks your style should be and an inspiration guide to elevating your fashion sense, complete with a list of recommended brands to check out. I paid up, obviously.

Filippi, who also owns a clothing brand with upcycled clothes known as Ri.Reclaimed, told me that she got into the whole “styling services thing” by accident.

“I was actually using TikTok for fun, and making fashion videos when people started asking for my advice,” she said. “So I made a series where random people would leave their Instagram handles and I would look them up and give them an ‘aesthetic’ based off Pinterest pics/outfits.”

Her “process” is hard to describe. She said she looks at people’s Instagram photos and gathers information “based on what they are wearing, the activities shown in their pictures and the overall vibe of their account.”

“That is pretty telling of what they’re drawn to aesthetically,” she said. “Then from there, I try and find a group of outfits that go well with that person’s vibe.”

At this point in our conversation, I’m terrified. I know she’s going to be looking at my Instagram and judging my vibe based off of that, and I know I only ever post on my anniversary or when I dye my hair a new color. Filippi managed to put together some really wonderful recommendations, though.

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She called my style “girly chic” and “effortless colorful beauty,” which is correct, I think, even though I’ve never thought about it before. Then she showed me a handful of outfits I can replicate.




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