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Native American Zip Hoodie

Probationary Firefighters Andrew Komar, left, and Paul Vincent Jr. Enter the new SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) maze in the basement of York City Fire Department – Station 9 in York City, Friday, Feb. 5, 2021. The maze was built by Max Iacono, 16, (not pictured) and about 18 volunteers from Boy Scout Troop 69, of Jacobus, for Iacono’s Eagle Scout project. Dawn J. Sagert photo (Photo: The York Dispatch)

“Max is so bright. I’m more than proud of him,” Love said. “He amazes me on a daily basis.”

Troop 69 is part of the Boy Scouts’ New Birth of Freedom Council. Max has three more merit badges to earn before he is considered by the council for the rank of Eagle Scout, he said.

He’s also a member of the organization’s Order of the Arrow, which is the Boy Scouts’ National Honor Society.

Lives by the code: Max said participating in Scouting has given him confidence, and taught him leadership abilities and a real-world skill set. He’s also made many friends, he said.




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