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My favorite firefighter calls me mom face mask

For example, normally you’d have a three-hour lecture where you’d have a task set, and the lecturer can walk around and correct your work or spark conversations to develop your work. However, with online learning, I have found that I attend the following week’s lecture to realise I completely misunderstood the task and have to redo it.

However, overall I think the adaption to online learning has been really good and has opened me up to new opportunities, for example for our drawing workshop we have been able to virtually explore museums from all over the world which has been very interesting.

What are you working on?

At the moment I am currently between semesters and waiting for feedback on my first hand in. I’m not working on any big projects however we have been set a couple of tasks to prepare for semester two.

One of them is to create a flip-book of a key moment from a feature film, although I would have liked to have done this with an analogue approach I have had to adapt and do this digitally as a lot of my resources have been left at my term-time address, and I am currently at my home address.

Name: Emilia Rose Dadswell-Jones

Age: 20

From: Monmouthshire, Wales

Course: BA (Hons) Textile Design

Year: Level 5 (second year)

Instagram: @emiliarose_prints

Where are you now?




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