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I leave out you, mother. However i am longing for coming home and spending time with you, and do all this again. Until then, we are able to continue our banter over phone calls. Satisfied mother’s Day, and thanks for being my one real buddy.

As advised to Saraswathy Nagarajan

Shilpa Nair, advertising professional, Dubai, to her mom Girija Nair

they are saying distance makes the coronary heart grow fonder. However this adage does not observe to the relationship with you. The pandemic may also keep me bodily away from you, but expertise has helped us reside related.

It pains me to hear your frustration at being domestic-bound for a number of months at a stretch. But the indisputable fact that you’re secure makes me realize that we are among the fortunate lot. Although Zoom calls retain me updated about your fitness, I miss your gentle touch, warm hug, welcoming smile, your inimitable spirit, and naturally your astute commentary on politics and cinema, and your trademark food.

the chance of being up to now aside appears daunting, however I are trying and placed on a brave face to cheer you up. If I were with you on mothers’ Day, i’d have spoiled you with the top-quality sarees, treat you to Mohanlal movies, and accompany you to your temple visits.

you are a superwoman. You control the residence, office, kitchen, family unit, checking account, investments and an awful lot extra. More vigor to you! They say love makes the realm go circular. I’d as an alternative say moms make existence value residing.

As instructed to Soma Basu

Revathy Menon, impartial creator and editor, Luxembourg, to her mother, Parvathy Menon

I speak to you every day, hear your strong, unfaltering voice through the telephone, see your face on video name — pixelated, but at all times honest and smiling. I know how you are.

you’re lacking your infants, sad that we can not meet, worried concerning the pandemic, hurting from the surgery, aching to dangle your grandchildren, anxious to in no way develop into a burden, wishing with your entire coronary heart that issues were how they was once.

after I left India, my heart changed into full of hope and excitement. No region became too distant. Of course, i’d seek advice from you each summer time, I said — this turned into no longer a promise, it become an obtrusive fact.

Mamasaurus Quilt

I was in reality brimming with excitement in January remaining yr, because the summer season turned into going to be ideal. The children and i would talk excitedly about eating ammamma’s delicious meals once more. You and i have been making plans over the cellphone. You had been already gathering all of the stuff you desired to ship again with me. Then the pandemic hit us.

We exchanged stories of how someone within the neighbourhood, a person’s buddy or a far off relative had succumbed to the virus. With each name, hopes diminished and nervousness grew. However we still laughed and joked. Your lilting laughter, like your fierce love, always feels smartly-earned.




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