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Don’t let the Bel Air trim on the rear fenders fool you. This wagon is a lesser 210 Handyman model. Chevy didn’t even offer a two-door Bel Air Handyman back in the day. The range-topping two-door wagon was actually the iconic Nomad, while the four-door version was sold as the Townsman.

But impersonating a Bel Air is not this car’s biggest issue. It’s a beat-up wagon that needs a lot of work to regain its former glory. It’s missing quite a few trim element, the pink paint has faded in places, and there’s some rust too. And yes, this Handyman has been repainted, as Chevrolet did not offer a pink color option back in 1957. But it looks pretty cool right?

While the exterior still looks decent, the interior requires a lot of work. The seats, the door panels, and parts of the dashboard are missing. The seller says he still has the front bench seat, but it’s in really bad shape. It also features a floor shifter, an aftermarket conversion did by the previous owner.

While it may look like it has been sitting for a really long time, the wagon has a working V8 under the hood. It’s a 4.6-liter unit, which Chevy had just introduced for 1957, but there’s no word if it’s a numbers-matching mill. Back in the day, these engines delivered 185 or 220 horsepower.

The V8 still starts and runs, but it has a clogged carburetor and it smokes. The seller suggests that the smoke may be the result of oil leaking around the rings. On the other hand, it has new plugs and the two-speed PowerGlide transmission holds fluids just fine.

The wagon also needs new floor panels, since the underside has been “patched up with road signs and other various sheet metals.” The brakes are new front and rear, as are the gas tank and the front windshield.

This Handyman is in rough shape overall and may need an engine replacement, but it could be a cool restomod project. Bringing it back to its original specification is also worth a shot, but I’d just repaint it pink again (with a pearl pigment) and drop it on a set of Torq Thrust wheels. A two-tone, pink-over-white interior would work great with the exterior, while an LS V8 swap would provide just the right amount of grunt.

Hot Rod Hawaiian Shirt

Anyway, if you’re looking to give this Handyman a new life, eBay seller “kmorganesq” is offering at auction as we speak. The bidding is at only $4,750 with just a couple of days to go, but there’s a reserved price that hasn’t been met as of this writing. Who knows, it might end up being a bargain and it’s definitely hot rod wagon material.




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