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With his character was before is relevant it was the millionth time in black person was killed for no other reason then being black in the other you rather I are perfect and neither was him but the result remained the same for mayors and dems do any thing to get blm to vote for them to many good people wont and shocking all over the world hell hate evil evil v good now.  Love, Love, Love this paint job. So cool looking in its bright yellow!! And right in front of that mans place of living. I hope he chokes looking at it every day!!

How is trump responsible for this? Obama dealt with this issue for eight years! This is clearly not just the result of one administration. I wouldn’t give a damn if you folded it up and stuck it inside you,  you no longer have power you’re weak scared and crying for help snowflake.  It’s amazing all you people are getting so pissed off because I share a difference in opinion. Talk about a bunch of snowflake leftist bitch’s.

I love this for a myriad of reasons. But I have to say, because this is sure to piss off Bunker Boy, it’s up there on my list. At least top 3. It looks cool President Trump should set up an awesome photo shoot standing on top of it with a thumbs up, for real. Right back atcha mayor. Nice start, Now we paint “ALL LIVES MATTER” on the others. Many men and women , from different races have passed. (Sadly at the hands of not good ppl) Our lord did not see color, neither should we.. , The president has worked out a new route to the White House no one has seen yet because of the heavily armed guards and additional fencing.
























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