Freemasonry Tropical Shirt And Short



Freemasonry Tropical Shirt And Short

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Freemasonry Tropical Shirt And Short

That was worth the risk for the result. But it took planning and foresight. Calculation, in short.  And not being fearful or timid or anxious, but definitely being aware.

Which is why random toddlers wandering in can get into trouble—just as they can with your sweet and gentle dog or your couch-potato cat or your lawn mower or your box of matches or, god help you, your swimming pool. It’s not that any of these things is inherently vicious or inevitably deadly, it’s that sometimes, in the right or wrong circumstances, things can go wrong.

After my encounter with the Very Big Mare, I was much more alert in the mornings. Also, much more careful of where I was in relation to the large and sometimes cranky animals who make me and others so happy so much of the time. I had a literal wake-up call—and it made me that much more conscious of safety when we worked with the stallion, and with any other horse thereafter, both on and off the farm.

Thank you in whatever Otherworld you inhabit now, Very Big Mare who lived to a very great age. I needed that. (Ow.)




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