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Love Freddy Finder and The Texas Tornadoes remember seeing him at the Hanford Fair when i was a kid.  Loved Freddy music. Wasted Days. Teardrop. Loved the interaction of Spanish in his music. His phrasing made his songs so emotional. We Miss Freddy

I love Freddy and his singing. I grew up listening to him since he is from the same area of Texas that I am from.  One of my favorite songs growing up and to this day I still don’t know what he said in Spanish but it sounds so great.

  • I was brought up with his music this reminds me of my Dad who passed on years ago love love Freddy Fender his music spoke from the heart.
  • Really like him. I remember when he was on the Johnny Carson show he made a statement that the Mexicans were going to take over but he would take care of Johnny and he kept on and on about this then he said just in case we don’t take over remember I offered I thought that was so funny.
  •  I had the privilege of meeting Freddy Fender when I was in either the 8th or 9th grade. He came to our junior high school in NC. A memory I will never forget! Such a nice man!

I had the pleasure of seeing him in person, & he sang this, at a concert in Bishop CA back in the 90’s. It was awesome & enjoyed with the best of friends, The Kanes. I saw him in person at Whiskey River on 23 rd street with Garnetta, Danny and Bill. Had the best time. Such a great singer.

Went to see Freddy Fender in Minneapolis, got him to autograph the program/book they were selling that was filled with photos. I love the song wasted days and wasted nights.

Loved me some Freddy Fender music remembering mom and dancing in my uncle Bobby’s garage. Great Memories! Wasted Days & Wasted Nights & The Next Tear Drop Fall were my favorite during my college years. Good job by Freddie Frender


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