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Reading through the comments there seems to be a firm body of opinion that considers ‘Black Lives Matter’ to be a racist statement. Don’t know about that but it is certainly stupid. The organisers should have thought the slogan through and abandoned punchiness for meaningfulness. dear christ we arent in America and if you think for one moment America will change cos some rabble rousers some mad rabbid dogs in Britain will change America not a chance. people of all colour have died in police custody, often because they’ve swallowed the drugs they are trying to conceal. Many UK police officers have been killed while on duty; you have a very short memory. why would that be offensive to anyone? 3 people were murdered on Saturday. Burnley should be ashamed of themselves. All lives matter.

Your friends list can only suggest that you are not close to many black people to even try and understand the level of racism in which is still rife in most countries… If you dont see it first hand, or is closed mind to how you were raised, then u simply will never understand! Have a lovely evening. no one is saying that white lives don’t matter, if I said children’s lives matter I’m not saying adult lives don’t matter all this is about is for people to understand that black lives matter too. the only person I kneeling down is hubby when I want some money hope that put a smile on your face stay safe guys. I will stand with them no place for racism we all bleed the same one race however I will not apologise for being white I will not bow and I will not apologise for a trade that happened hundreds of years ago that we had no part in.


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