Fishing Camo Pattern Hawaiian Shirt



Fishing Camo Pattern Hawaiian Shirt

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Fishing Camo Pattern Hawaiian Shirt


Davis says you can find nearly any pattern imaginable. “I really like fabrics that have certain specific seasonal motifs, like vintage men’s sailing print shirts.” Some are more absurd than others, and he says the key to making them look cool is all about how you mix it up. Because they are historically preppy in nature you’ll want to avoid wearing them with other traditionally preppy things like a pair of khakis with lobsters embroidered on them for example. Instead go for something more subdued like jeans.“You kind of want to mash these things up so that it’s not so one dimensional,” he says.

Lightweight jackets are important layering tools that can turn a simple white T-shirt and jeans into a fully formed outfit. But as we have seen with the shacket trend of the past few years, an unbuttoned shirt made of slightly thick or rigid cotton can do the same job. “A kind of hack that I’ve always done is to wear military shirts as lightweight jackets because actual military jackets are kind of too heavy for spring, but military shirts, just by the nature of the fabric, are pretty hefty and substantial,” Davis says, stressing that you want to look for all cotton rather than the synthetic blends that were introduced in the ’80s because the all-cotton shirts are a lot softer. “If you search for OG-107 military shirts (or pants) you’re going to find the good stuff in my opinion,” he says. This one has two chest pockets big enough for keys and a wallet.

If you want an actual jacket instead, there isn’t much that’s cooler, or more widely available, than a vintage denim one. Because there are so many, Davis recommends using filters to refine your search. He suggests searching in the actual vintage sub category on eBay as opposed to the clothing, shoes, and accessories category, and he says you’ll have better luck finding the best stuff if you get rid of things that look professionally photographed. Searching for a specific brand can really help narrow things down, too. Levi’s is an obvious one, as well as Wrangler and Lee, but according to Davis “virtually every clothing brand ever has done a take on the denim jacket.” So you might find something unexpected by searching for things like Osh Kosh B’gosh (trust us) or Tommy Hilfiger. This Wrangler trucker jacket has a western feel giving it a more unique look than a classic Levi’s trucker.


Fishing Camo Pattern Hawaiian Shirt
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