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Coughy Filter Starbucks face mask

How To Investshould be taught in all school. Not everyone grow up in a nice family where they teach their kids about these things. Some realised too late.

  • This article is a tad tone deaf and misses a few points. A millionaire says saving $5 a day will not make you rich. From his wealthy perspective I can understand why. Is it possible this person is invested in Starbucks? Maybe. If the advice is increase income then one might also fall into the trap of increasing spending. Listening to millionaires does not make you wealthy. It keeps you poor.
  • Well you could invest the thousands you saved and if your lucky with the right stocks, that 10K invested could yield enough to retire on. So skip the $5 cup of coffee! Besides Starbucks has become incredibly slow in their service and your wasting a lot of time to boot!
  • You need to spend money to make money. So if you don’t have any capital, yeah saving that 10k will help. Articles like this are obnoxious.

Again, an article on how to make money for people who already have money. “Invest in you, save $100k, build multiple income streams.” How about for those of us who need to work 80 hours a week to pay the rent and keep the car running? This is bs. Basically says, if you already have $ he’s how you get more.

I went to a business seminar once and the speaker opened by saying ” The best way to be worth 1 million dollars in very little time is to start with 2 million” That is still true today!Maybe listening to someone so disconnected from the middle and lower classes that they think 10,000 wouldnt make a difference isnt the place to start?

Still skip Starbucks…have to save according to article. Spending less than you make is still the key. The worse advice out there is fake it till you make it

Coughy Filter Starbucks face mask