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Largely I and my peers have begun a significantly important educational journey in a world where change can happen overnight as it did. And this shows that going forward the world needs to be able to work and live in changing conditions.

Although this may largely be a negative situation, it has allowed us to become unique in a way and start to think and prepare for more unique situations going forward.

What do you miss?

The routine and the interaction with my lecturers and others on my course. Most days I feel I am not learning at all due to the lack of resources at my fingertips, which is ironic as pre-covid who didn’t like a lie-in and working from home kind of day? However, now there seem to be few things worse than this.

How do you find remote studying?

I am finding online teaching very difficult due to a number of reasons:

1: The absence of face-to-face interaction

2: My personal lack of motivation

3: Technical issues with programmes we have become dependent on

4: The fact that online learning is so much more flexible is both a positive and negative as it allows you to learn at your own pace however, a negative as the amount of work remains the same

5: It forever feels like you aren’t making any progress as all your work is digital therefore you can’t see the whole process of your design journey

6: The fact that most of the programmes we have to hand and are now using we all had to quickly adapt to and learn the platforms ourselves without having previously experimented drawing and so on with such programmes.




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