Cat And Bengal Tiger Swimming 3D All Over Print Hoodie



Cat And Bengal Tiger Swimming 3D All Over Print Hoodie

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Tetris Effect

Available on: PS4, PC VR

Tetris Effect is such a holistic experience of mind, body and soul that should be one of the first games you run to once you pick up a VR headset. Those who think that this is just another slightly modified iteration of Tetris will realize they are sorely mistaken when their goggles are steaming up with tears. As well as a robust number of typical Tetris game modes, the star of the show is Journey Mode, a campaign that explores various elements of human history, tied together through song and (sometimes) verse.

Every twist of the tetromino is a musical note, with each line clear being an endorphin burst. You are the instrument in Tetris Effect, and it’s one of those games that really benefits from the enclosed nature of VR. Turn the lights down, stick some good headphones on, and clear lines like it’s nobody’s business. You won’t regret it!

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Superhot VR

Available on: PS4, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, PC VR

Given that Superhot is one of the most revolutionary indie smash hits of recent years, it makes sense that when the action teleports into VR, the experience is only heightened. Superhot VR doesn’t take the easy route of porting the same story and missions into the virtual realm, it actually molds an engaging new tale whilst keeping the same genius gimmick the PC game is known for.

In Superhot, time moves when you do, which is perfect if you want to feel like Neo or Max Payne, ducking and weaving bullets like a boxer. A surprisingly effective exercise session as well as a video game, Superhot VR is frantic, demanding, and most importantly great fun as you thrash around in your living room, take careful shots at your enemies and punching and disarming from all angles when you’re surrounded.





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