A woman cannot survive on wine alone She also needs a chihuahua poster


A woman cannot survive on wine alone She also needs a chihuahua poster 1

Buy it now A woman cannot survive on wine alone She also needs a chihuahua poster

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I thought the same thing when I first saw her. I have a rescue pit bull with MMM and I almost lost him last year from it. He takes daily prednisone to keep it in check. Without it, he gets a high fever and would not survive. you are a wonderful lady to rescue this beauty. I wish every homeless dog could have a rescuer like you. I did see posted that the thing she loves with the water hose can be dangerous if they do it for too long. I can’t remember the exact details. I hope you have each other for many happy years. Bless you. Destiny and Sheri I can’t tell you how happy I am that things worked out for the best destiny you are a beautiful little girl and Sheri you are the most wonderful woman in the world. She is precious. God Bless you. I got my girl off of death row at Acct in Phila. She was 11 mon. And was very sick from neglect. It is now 9 yrs later and we are stuck like glue. She was diagnosed with diabetes in Feb and is on 2 shots of insulin a day. She went completely blind 6 weeks ago she has adapted so well. She rescued me 11 mon after I lost my son. She sure is a happy dog now. !!! She looks sooo good. !!! You are an angel for saving her. You can tell from the video how much she loves you, and her Safe home. !!! God Bless you both, and may you have a long and happy life together ! I thank God for people like you!! I have a rescue kitten too. Someone threw him away. No collar or anything! My granddaughter and daughter started seeing him outside! They put an ad in the paper, but no-one answered. There was a big Male cat out there too only he was well fed but so mean towards this poor baby. They called me to see if I would take care of him until my granddaughter graduated from college. I told them that I would.
They are paying for the cat rent, they had him neutered and they bought kibble and wet cat food too. The asked me to update them every week on the supplies. Thet even bought little packets of treats!! He is such a sweet baby!! I already love him like my own! He crawls up on me at night and sleeps on me!

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