Information in accordance with borrowing from the bank and you may funds, 1910-69


Information in accordance with borrowing from the bank and you may funds, 1910-69

Textual Facts (in Oklahoma Town): Letters delivered, 1893-1914. Sign in of letters acquired, 1901-2. Source document with which has communications, 1893-1914. Miscellaneous information, 1893-1901. Minutes of percentage group meetings, 1898-1914. Docket to Creek enrollment instances, 1903-six. Townsite files, 1900-6.

Textual Info (from inside the Fort Really worth): Letters gotten, 1900-dos. Directory so you can characters obtained in the Agencies of Indoor, 1899- 1907.

Textual Facts (in Fort Worthy of): Characters sent, 1902-six, and you will received, 1897-1914. Information out-of tribal governments, 1873-1907, also composition and legislation of Choctaw Country, 1894-1904. Records according to subscription, 1852-1919, also subscription notes, 1899-1907; programs to own subscription, 1898-1914; and you can tribal moves, 1852-1900. Ideas according to Cherokee citizenship, 1878-1911, including brief and you may objections submitted by Joseph P. Mullen, 1896; directories regarding candidates since freedmen, 1897; programs for subscription, 1898-1907; and you may software for subscription just like the freedmen, 1897. Records relating to Choctaw and you may Chickasaw citizenship, 1893-1907, in addition to content Choctaw- Chickasaw apps to possess subscription, 1896-98; official copies out-of requests of your own You.S. Courtroom on South McAlester into the appeals according to the work of June 10, 1896, 1897; and you may situation files with the apps getting transfers because of the freedmen otherwise registration, 1905-six. Records of your own Choctaw-Chickasaw Citizenship Courtroom, as well as instance records, 1902- 4; lists off claimants, 1902; general and appearance dockets, 1902-4; and you may minutes, 1902-4. Information regarding the identification away from Mississippi Choctaws, 1899-1906, and additionally decisions of one’s Dawes Fee, 1902-4. Suggestions relating to Creek citizenship, 1885-1907, in addition to registration notes, 1898; and index to help you freedmen subscription notes, 1898. Facts according to Seminole citizenship, 1900-5, plus index in order to babies, 1905. Info relating to allocation, 1899-1910, and additionally programs getting allowance, 1899-1907. Ideas in accordance with allotments to help you Cherokees, 1902-14, together with rejected allotment software, 1902-7; and list so you can declined freedmen, letter.d. Ideas relating to the sale regarding advancements of the intermarried Cherokees, and states promote advancements, 1907-14; and you will facts per disclaimers, 1907-a dozen. Ideas relating to the selling away from excess holdings by the Delaware-Cherokees, 1904-eight, including states sell advancements. Ideas based on allotments to Choctaws, 1902- 17, and allotment ledgers, 1903-10; checklist of conveyances in order to Murrow Indian Orphans Family, 1907-9; and you may conveyances so you can Murrow Indian Orphans Domestic, 1906-9. Records per allotments to Chickasaws, 1902-14, also letters received throughout the Choctaw Land office, 1903-six. Ideas per allotments so you can Creeks, 1899-1914, and additionally checklist off allotments. Suggestions in accordance with allotments so you’re able to Seminoles, 1901-14. Suggestions per Creek townsites, 1891-1908.

Suggestions in accordance with Choctaw- Chickasaw townsites, 1899-1908

Maps (724 affairs, from inside the Fort Worthy of): Plats away from urban centers of developments reported by the Delawares, 1904-7 (33 points). Plats handled from the Creek Land-office, n.d. (a hundred circumstances). Plats out-of urban centers of tracts alienated and strategies of your own Assistant of the Interior, 1903-7 (2 hundred issues). Plats of townsites submitted to the Assistant of one’s Indoor, 1899-1905 (187 items). Plats out-of home alienated significantly less than an act of March step 3, 1905, 1908 (204 facts). Come across And .

Data out-of various characters obtained, 1899-1907

Textual Records: Interaction out of Unique Agent Alfred B. Meacham, 1878-79. Communications out-of Herbert J. Hagerman, Unique Administrator towards the Navajo Indians, 1923-32 (from inside the Los angeles). Cashbook from J.Elizabeth. Brecht, industrial professor and you will unique disbursing broker into the Seminole Indians when you look at the Florida, 1892-99 (when you look at the Atlanta). Investigative details off Col. L.A good. Dorrington, Unique Representative as a whole, Reno, NV, 1913-23 (in San francisco bay area).

Directory cards in accordance with charts obtained or collected 1831-1943 by the divisions of Forestry, Irrigation, Belongings, and you will Routes, 1900-43. Irrigation profile, press this link here now 1911-67. Osage Service for each and every capita shell out rolls, 1946-51. Card documents according to house buy and utilization, 1934-37. Tables per essential analytics, 1930-forty-five. Facts concerning the Catawba Indian Tribe, 1940-62. Facts of your Minneapolis City Work environment (Cherokee Agency) and you will Muskogee Area Office (Seminole Institution) directed out-of area work environment so you’re able to central workplace legislation, 1934-58. Social-service accounts, 1943-61. Assortment equipment suggestions according to grazing, 1949-63. Records in accordance with booking development software, 1961-67. Reservation software site files, and additionally profile with the Quechan Indians, Pyramid Lake Indians, and also the Prairies Potawatomi area regarding Kansas, 1962-65. Knowledge according to financial development of tribal tips, 1961-70. Information regarding laws and regulations intended to offer financial advancement certainly one of Local Americans, 1962-67. Ideas relating to Office from Monetary Options software, 1964-68. Management subject data and other records relating to Work Corps Civil Preservation Centers, 1964-71. Suggestions based on appropriations, 1937-66. Individual Indian membership ledgers in accordance with Indians regarding Crow Creek, Oak Ridge, Rosebud, Kiowa, Pawnee, Potawatomi, and you will Shawnee providers or bookings, 1950. Workplace data files out-of William Age. Finale, Secretary Deputy Administrator to have Neighborhood Qualities, 1955-68. Details of Branch off A job Advice, comprising story and you will mathematical profile, 1960-71, details based on a job recommendations apps, 1949-73, suggestions relating to a job training facilities, 1966-68, and information regarding the “Operation TOB” studies, 1966-68.