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While a longing for fulfillment isn’t a blemish, his imprudence demonstrates to be. He will in general be eager and comprehensive, and his charm is sufficient to influence each individual from Halloween Town with the exception of Sally. His narrow minded choices lead to the close to demolition of Christmas and himself. The quality of Jack’s character is shown by his will to address his very own mix-ups. Jack skellington fear the Steelers shirt The official film soundtrack CD contains an epilog not in the film, expressing that “numerous years after the fact” Santa came back to Halloween Town to visit Jack, where he found that Jack had “four or five skeleton kids within reach” who play together in a xylophone band.

Jack skellington fear the Steelers shirt[OFFICIAL] Jack skellington fear the Steelers shirt

While his intentions are not malicious, Jack does not understand the true spirit of Christmas. Halloween Town plans to give the holidays a macabre make-over. Sally reveals to Jack a bad premonition, but Jack’s basic nature is impulsiveness. He does not seem to register contradictory information. By the end of the film, he notices Sally and her determination to help him. He proves that love can be a part of his nature by calling Sally his “Dearest Friend”, telling Sally that they were meant to be together, embracing his future with her and embracing her. Jack follows the formula of a tragic hero, because he begins the story at a lofty position. In spite of all his fame and talent, he yearns for another side of life.