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Dumile discharged three singles on “Bobbito” García’s Fondle Them Records, “Dead Bent”, “Greenbacks” (1997), and “The M.I.C.” (1998). In 1999 Fondle Them discharged MF Doom’s first full-length LP, Operation: Doomsday, which incorporated these singles and their b-sides, and extra tracks. Dumile had utilized the spelling variation “M.F. Fate” for the singles’ discharges, yet from there on changed this to MF Doom. Among the colleagues on these tracks were individual individuals from the Monsta Island Czars aggregate (The M.I.C.), for which every craftsman assumed the persona of a beast from the Godzilla mythos. Impeach the MF shirt Dumile passed by the nom de plume King Geedorah, a three-headed brilliant winged serpent space beast, demonstrated in the wake of King Ghidorah, the Toho motion picture beast who was a three-headed mythical serpent that regularly struggled Godzilla. Dumile would return to this character later under different name-spellings.

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In 2001, he started working with Prince Paul, co-creating MC Paul Barman’s “Paullelujah!” with MikeTheMusicGuy and Phofo. In 2002, he showed up on the Sound-Ink’s Colapsus gathering, on an elusive track titled “Monday Nite at Fluid”, highlighting Kurious with generation by King Honey, who additionally delivered a few tracks for Dumile’s collection Vaudeville Villain. Dumile has created all the instrumentation tracks for his performance discharges, with not very many exceptions.[9] Beginning in 2001, under the “Metal Fingers” moniker, Dumile started discharging his Special Herbs instrumentals arrangement. A considerable lot of these beats can be heard as the instrumentation tracks all through his assortment of work. A different site indexes for which tracks each instrumental has been utilized. A portion of his appearances on the LP are as, and are credited to, this persona rather than that of MF Doom.

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