Don’t judge what you don’t understand Autism phone case


Don't judge what you don't understand Autism phone case 11

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It has everything do to with being open minded and aware of the importance of travel and how another country ( sharing the largest border) views the US. if your reality/ mentality is rat filled communities, Dictorship form of government, defunding police, rioting oh I forgot to you people who think you know it all it is called” peaceful protesting ” murder, destroying life and property ect. Please stay in your own and in my personal opinion sick little world. Educate the blue states…Your arrogance in suggesting the Democratic platform the party designed snd approved by the devil himself has any thing of value to offer just shows your ignorance and intolerance you have for anyone who would dare to think differently than you. Your profile is correct when you call yourself a “smarta$$” invents new “forms of government”. What is a “dictorship”, and how does that square w/ an elected official who can’t even commit to leaving the office in January? A sad indictment of our education system. you are certainly entitled to your opinion. You just proved my point…because I don’t agree with you I am the dumb one….oh my my you really think highly of yourself, of course I have noticed that that is what Democrats do. No consideration for others. You carry that I’m right…your wrong attitude well. Thank you you have a nice weekend as well. excuse me please. Nothing derogatory was intended when I used the word aware..of course our fair and balanced news outlets will not post this story. It’s old news but true. I noticed you didn’t correct me with the name of the city. Ally Lilja if I offended you sorry…that was not my intentions.

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