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The next day, October 15, the Israeli army launched the Abiray-Lev Campaign (“Brave” or “Heroes”) – to counterattack Egypt and cross the Suez Canal. The attack was a major shift in tactics from Israel, which still relied on the support of aircraft and tanks — but was thoroughly destroyed by the well-prepared Egyptian forces. Instead, Israel used infantry to infiltrate SAM missile positions and anti-aircraft batteries, with no effective resistance against infantrymen. House Ketchum Gotta Catch ‘Em All Shirt . General Ariel Sharon led a division to attack the Egyptian army north of Lake Bitter, next to Ismailiya. The Israeli army struck a weak point in the battle line of Egypt, which was the link between the second Army in the north and the Third Army in the south. After the most intense battles in the whole battle around the Chinese Farm (an irrigation project in the east of the canal, and north of the bridge over the canal), the Israeli army pierced the Egyptian line and headed to the canal. Suez.

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A group of troops crossed the canal and set up a bridgehead on the other side of the river. In just over 24 hours, Israeli soldiers, without escort tanks, use small rubber rafts to cross the river. They use the M72 LAW anti-tank missile of the US to overcome the threat of Egyptian tanks. Once Egyptian anti-aircraft fire and anti-tank systems were disabled, Israeli infantry returned to using tank fire and aircraft to overwhelm the enemy.

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