Will You Shut Up Man 45 Joe Biden face mask

    Will You Shut Up Man 45 Joe Biden face mask



    Will You Shut Up Man 45 Joe Biden face mask

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    My husband & I fly monthly from SEA to SBP. We wear N95 masks in the airport & on the flight. We wipe everything down when we are seated. Even the air knob above. We fly on Alaska and they are doing so much better with enforcement of wearing a mask Debbie VanSteenwyk I note quite a few travelers are using N95 masks. Can these be found online? I only see KN95 masks which are less effective I believe? Thanks. I am a Flight Attentant and trust me … they are cleaning between each flight. On a given flight I see about 10-12 clearers get on and they are cleaning all the high touch point areas. The airlines are taking Covid very seriously. We want and need our passengers back. On AA’s website you can read about the entire process and how our planes filter the air… often! The air quality on the new planes is not like the old days! I have been flying every month of Covid and I have stayed healthy. I mask up and wash/wipe my hands often. As a flight attendant we enforce masks during the flight for our health as well as our passenger’s .
    Let’s get back to traveling for business and pleasure! I flew back after the birth of our youngest son’s first child. If something were to occur, even though we were very cautious and scrupulous about wearing a mask, sanitizing and distancing, I wanted her to be told we thought she was important enough to be seen and held by her grandparents. We flew an airline that appears to take precautions at every turn. We returned home happy and healthy. We would fly again. The “new normal” requires lots of intentional actions. Is it risky, I believe it is moderately risky.