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    Warning The Girls Are Drinking Again Flamingo Hawaiian Shirt

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    Estimates suggest that the global precision guided munition market size will exceed USD 45 billion in annual valuation by 2026. Explained below are some of the factors anticipated to influence this growth over the coming years.

    Increasing defense budget allocation

    With rising terrorist activities and cross national intrigues, governments of several countries are focused towards increasing their defense expenditure. As per the SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) estimates, military expenditure globally will surpass USD 2 trillion by the end of 2022.

    Rise in number of military modernization programs and growing focus on increasing weapon lethality will encourage the adoption of precision guided munition on a larger scale. Developed nations like the U.S. Are known to have incredibly higher defense expenditure and most other countries combined.

    Introducing smart weapon technology

    Requirements of modern warfare has prompted manufacturers to develop precision guiding mechanisms including electronics, better aerodynamics and laser technology, that supports air power with surgical strike capabilities.

    Incorporation of artificial intelligence for the development of smart weapon system has changed warfare outlook. For instance, Rafael Advanced Defense System integrated AI into Spice Bombs in 2019. The bomb offers automatic target recognition that can be used along with scene matching technology. The technology allows weapons to operate even in GPS-denied environments.

    Focus on enhancing fighter jets ammunition

    Several countries are engaged in innovating advanced airborne precision guided weapons that can potentially destroy enemy aircraft within seconds. In 2020, the military in China intended to develop a new airborne laser system that would deploy directional-emission high-energy laser to destroy aerial targets such as photoelectric guidance equipment, guided bombs, mortars and drones.

    Airborne precision guided munition segment is estimated to showcase growth rate of nearly 8% through 2026 owing to the consistently growing development and installation of ammunition in fighter jets to boost air force units for national defense.High investments on weapon systems in APAC

    APAC precision guided munition market size is forecast to showcase exceptional growth rate of about 10% over the projected timeframe on account of rising defense expenditure by several countries across the region.

    Warning The Girls Are Drinking Again Flamingo Hawaiian Shirt

    Counties including China, India, Japan are actively engaged in developing and testing new guided weapon systems in a bid to gain high accuracy with extended capabilities within their defense systems.

    For instance, India had launched Anti-Tank Guided Missile, Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon and created HELINA helicopter in 2018. All three were successfully tested by the DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) in the country.





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