Stitch Ohana Native Americans shirt, tank top, hoodie

    Stitch Ohana Native Americans shirt, tank top, hoodie


    Stitch Ohana Native Americans shirt, tank top, hoodie

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    I was an ExPat for 5 years and lived in 3 countries, Luxembourg, England, and France. I had 2 young children and we tried to maximize their school vacations by exploring other places. I loved every minute of our sojourn. The American Woman’s Club’s motto was Bloom Where You Are Planted; soak up the culture around you and promote relations with the local population. I miss traveling this year; my postponed, probably to be cancelled Sicily tour, but I look forward to when we can safely explore agsin! Thanks Rick! Last summer I traveled to Amsterdam with my family. We visited the Anne Frank House, took a tour and also opted for the lecture ahead of time. We also then visited the Dutch Resistance Museum. Every person should visit these two places. Yes, travel opens your eyes to injustices everywhere. I support you 100%. There are many parallels between the 1930’s and now. I am truly frightened. I lost my family in the Holocaust so I am very aware of what is being said and acted upon. I do not want to see this happening again.Thank you. Travel in foreign lands has also taught me that we have much in common despite different governments and politics. For example, no matter the country, all parents love their children and want the best for them. Here at home too. At its best, travel reveals a common humanity. You enlightened us about European Fascism. Anyone who takes offense knows his elected president is fascist.
    I have lived in Europe and know this relationship well. Thank you for reminding us. I will make a donation to Sojourner and look forward to you episodes on PBS.