Daddy’s girl I used to be his angel now he’s mine face mask




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    Daddy’s girl I used to be his angel now he’s mine face mask

    My dog came and seen me. I had a different dog(welsh spaniel) and she was walking through the hallway. I looked at her and it was my dog(lab and german Shepard) from my childhood that my mom had at her house. She was my baby but circumstances happened and it was better if she stayed with my mom. Anyway i seen her and she looked at me wagged her tail and stuck her tongue out like she used to.

    •  I said momma always loves you kanga. And then my welsh was back in her place. Then i found out from my brother a week later that my mom had someone put her down(they live in the country.) It broke my heart knowing i wasnt able to there with her in that time of need and the fact that no one called to tell me she passed. I had a feeling in my heart that that was what happend, but my mom wasnt talking to me at the time .rip babycakes kangabear watson.
    • I think animals and dogs are just people they are even better than people you can trust dogs they are always loyal so I have a dog for my dog ​​Luca that I now have a dog and that hot Renzo it was also a westie he became so sweet ill he got kidney failure he got very ill i was devastated a piece of your heart die off he was still 14 years old but that his dogs they are so loyal they are your family
    • Years ago I had my Rottweiler Mallory with me in a crafts store. An employee asked to pet her and then began to cry. She told me that yesterday her Rottweiler died giving birth and only one pup survived. I hugged her and said how truly sorry I was. She thanked me for bringing my Rottie in that day. Before we parted she asked me what my dog’s name was. I said her name is Mallory. The girl responded in disbelief M-A-L-L-O-R-Y she asked? Yes I said. Then she said That’s my girl’s name. I told her that my Mallory had come to tell her that her Mallory was okay

    We just lost our sweet girl two months ago. She was nearly 14 and the best bulldog ever. I still cry every day. She was like another child to us and we miss her so much. Our home feels different without her in it. It’s hard to get used to.

    My fervent hope is that I will meeting everyone of my dogs on the rainbow bridge. Hopefully I will go to heaven and we can play together, it would not be heaven without them. My beautiful boy is sitting on his chair beside me. My lovely friend.

    Daddy’s girl I used to be his angel now he’s mine face mask