Colorful Turtle Pattern Hawaiian Shirt



    Colorful Turtle Pattern Hawaiian Shirt

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    According to Poddar, his company has witnessed good demand for t-shirts, joggers, and its range of athleisure. “Jogger’s and t-shirts have largely been key movers. Lounge pants, sweatpants, boxer shorts along with athleisure have been fast-moving categories. The demand for athleticwear is high and there has been a shift in what consumers ‘desire’ to buy to what consumer ‘want’ to buy. Casual tops, bottom wear and boxers are on top of consumers mind,” he states.

    Apart from the afore mentioned products, Cantabil has registered high demand for knitted products, kurtis, tunics, etc., as well. “The specific products that are doing well in menswear include, t-shirts, sweatshirts, knitted trousers, knitted blazers and jogging wear. For women’s wear category, we have noticed growth in selling of kurtis, loose tunics and blouses, leisure trousers, t-shirts and sweaters. Kids section is almost doing same in sale percent; however, we have noticed growth in knitted t-shirts, pullovers, and joggers,” reveals Bansal.

    House of Three, a sustainable high fashion label based out of Bangalore, has witnessed a renewed demand for Hawaiian shirts, light weight linen lounge pants, loose fit loungewear sets, etc., in men’s wear. “In the women’s section, oversized shirts, relaxed dresses, wide leg pants are witnessing high sales. Loose fit lounge/sleepwear sets in soft washed handlooms and unlined unstructured casual throws are also a big hit. You can just throw them on top of your tee, look presentable and be ready for a zoom call in a minute,” states Sounak Sen Barat, Co-Founder & Creative Director, House of Three.

    In terms of colors, acceptance of light color palettes has increased manifold. “People wish to feel more free and fresh, so people are avoiding darker colours, greys and black. The use of sanitizers and repeated washing of cloths have also made people buy light colour garments. Also, we are noticing less movement of people so accepting light colour garments are no more hectic to them. Talking about styling, we are experiencing less stylized products with leisure fits are grossing faster,” adds Bansal.

    Talking about the current trends in colors and styles, Barat states that young city folks who are fed up with being restricted to their homes are also turning to bright colors. “Whites are doing well in general since it is a symbol of purity and new beginnings. Earthy beiges and sky blue are also gaining momentum since these are colors that soothe and calm the mind. At the same time, young single city folks, the psychographic segment that is fed up with staying home and is raring to get back to the normal ways, are increasingly opting for bright reds and colorful prints. Also, more than styles, fits are become super important. Today, it is all about boxy, a tad bit oversized, comfortable, relaxed, light clothing,” Barat says.




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