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    The emu’s revenge: endgame

    That may appear like a quick, unexciting knock out. However the emu is nothing if not resilient. The tremendous Emu conflict of 1932 will attest to that.

    Emus have been undeterred with the aid of the employment of the Australian armed forces armed with machine guns to reduce their numbers. They outran and outmanoeuvred all defense force attempts to manage them in pastoral land.

    troopers during the excellent Emu war, a conflict the emus gained. (picture credit score: Wikimedia, CC with the aid of)

    due to the fact the lack of most Australian megafauna 46,000 years ago and adjustments in climate during the last 6,000 years, the emus’ range has improved throughout most of the continent, assisted with the aid of its generalist nature.

    The cassowary, nonetheless, has suffered a big loss of relevant habitat. That loss, coupled with other threats equivalent to collisions with cars, disease and feral predators, has tragically led to the species fitting endangered.

    The cassowary may make short work of the emu one on one. But the resilient emu has the cassowary outnumbered by means of a long way. And a solo cassowary is not any fit for a mob of emus.

    this article is a component of the “Who would win?” collection, the place natural world consultants dream up hypothetical battles between animals (all in the identify of science).

    Julia Ryeland, PhD Candidate, Western Sydney university

    this article is republished from The conversation below a creative Commons license. Examine the common article.

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    Meet Gunggamarandu maunala, the greatest extinct croc species ever found in Australia.

    That’s no longer a baby platypus, this is a child platypus

    Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight USMC Hawaiian Shirt, Beach Shorts

    Don’t be fooled through the false child platypus phenomenon. This is what a real platypus puggle seems like.

    Sharks had been well-nigh worn out in a mysterious adventure 19 Million Years ago. Might it take place once more?

    Sharks are evolutionary champions, but 19 million years ago they have been mysteriously pushed to the brink, and humans may be repeating history.





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