Bichon Frise Dog Hawaiian Shirt



    Bichon Frise Dog Hawaiian Shirt

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    Bichon Frise Dog Hawaiian Shirt

    Mason City.

    He also appreciates the fact there is parking everywhere.

    Emerson’s move pushed Lala over the edge, in a good way. Their friendship has lasted for 25 years, but the building is even older, built in 1865. When Lala says it has good bones, they are also old bones, and that is not a bad thing.

    Lala anticipates success. He knows he has something valuable to offer.

    “I have great staff coming up here,” Lala said. “A couple of local people. I think this is going to be fantastic.”

    Brendhan Wagner works on Jay Lala’s building at the intersection of Highway 218 and Highway 9.

    Jason W. Selby, Press News


    Lala grew up in Cedar Rapids. His father was a traveling salesman for over 40 years; three nights a week, he sold tubular steel, which was used for everything from trampolines to universal weight equipment.

    His territory was the Midwest, and he often took his son with him.

    “For the most part, I had to stay in the car,” Lala said. “Back in the day, you behaved yourself.”

    Lala thanks his mother for sparking his desire to become a dentist.



    Bichon Frise Dog Hawaiian Shirt
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